"Valuable Beyond Measure."

With endless extreme chronic health issues, I felt hopeless. Having multiple concussions/TBI 's with no progress and a debilitating life of suffering, Dr. Derek is truly saving my life. His compassionate heart, and depth of understanding complex health issues is beyond measure, having seen hunderds of Drs in my short life no one has helped me regain strength and life like Dr. Derek. he is my most valued support and my number one Dr. for years now and many more to come.  -M.A


"A Must For My Health."

Treatment like this is no longer something I can afford not to participate in – M.L

“Positive In Every Way.”

My experience has always been positive in every way. He truly cares about his patients, this is not assembly line medicine. I am not a number. This is customized care. I am so very thankful for finding Dr. Derek Lawrence. – C.B

"Hope for a better quality of life."

Dr. Derek Lawrence is an exceptional doctor. He spent quality time getting to know me and understanding my health concerns and issues. Not only has he recommended beneficial treatments but he has also given me hope for a better quality of life. After only one visit and two months of treatment, I am feeling better and looking forward to increased energy and activity in my life. I am so happy with his care that I am now bringing the rest of my family to see him. I highly recommend Dr. Lawrence . He is sincerely interested in finding the right solutions for his patients and invested in bringing them increased vitality and wellness. -J.R. 


Dr. Derek has changed my life for the better…What makes Dr. Derek stand apart from every other health provider is his eagerness to see me live a life I DESERVE to live free of the afflictions I have suffered from. – M.L


“Hope By Education.”

Within 2 weeks Dr. Derek rid me of heart palpitations and brought back the energy that is rightfully mine at 40, while the traditional medical system insisted heart palpitations and crippling fatigue was simply normal. He also gave me hope by educating me on the ways naturopathic treatment supports my whole system, which made me excited to fully embrace continuing to improve my lifestyle. I wish for everyone the privilege to partner with Dr. Derek to feel their best.       –B.L


Working with Derek was truly enjoyable – not a term people often use when describing their provider –K.B

"Haven’t Had Any Flare Ups"

I was amazed at how much helpful and positive information I was provided by Dr. Derek and was extremely hopeful after he came up with a specific plan on reducing all my symptoms. After the first month I immediately saw results and felt confident that I could now handle my symptoms with ease and keep them from inflaming. I have had about 4 visits with Dr. Derek and every single one has brought me a step closer to eliminating all symptoms. He treated my skin conditions from multiple angles which I found to be extremely successful and till this day haven’t had any flare ups. –M.G


“Care About My Health.”

At this point I have only seen Dr. Derek once but I feel that I have made a very good choice. I get the feeling that Dr. Derek and his staff actually care about my health. – R.H



After scores of doctors, multiple surgeries and no end in sight to my dilemma, Dr. Derek didn’t get all full of his own ego and promise the world; rather he said he hoped to be able to resolve my pain and promised he’d make me healthier.  And that is the key, its is about health not sickness.  It is about t-h-r-i-v-i-n-g, not just getting by – M.L


“Such an Uplifting Motivator”

I cannot fully express how Dr. Derek and naturopathic medicine have improved my standard of living. Traditional MD’s suggested birth control pills for monthly migraine headaches without a consideration of searching for the source of the symptom. Dr. Derek considered the health of my entire body and searched deeper than what appeared to be the obvious source (and found it). He helped me realize that moms should not expect to be as tired as I was, and was such a motivator in getting me back to emotional health that I didn’t realize I was lacking. He has a gift for making awkward conversations feel normal and being an uplifting motivator.

The road to health does take a lot of time and effort, it has no “magic pill.” My life is forever changed because of Dr. Lawrence and naturopathic medicine. I cringe at the thought of the path my health would be on if it weren’t for him. Dr. Lawrence is AMAZING!” – K.J

Love Dr. Derek, love going to my appointments – S.B